About Tiree High School

Tiree High School is unique in providing education for the community of Tiree from ELCC/Sgoil Araich to 18 years of age and beyond. The school is well equipped with a good range of modern technology including video conferencing equipment.

Pupils are encouraged to use computers in the learning process from an early age and to interact with young people through the use of e-mail. The school is fully equipped with interactive whiteboards with appropriate software for primary and secondary teaching and all pupils have ready access to computers.

The ability to follow the progress of a child from the age of three until they leave the school environment is very rewarding and the small school community enables close friendships and excellent working relationships to develop between pupils and teachers.

The school has a strong musical tradition with a high proportion of pupils opting for instrumental instruction. Pupils identify strongly with the traditional music and culture of the island and bagpipes and accordion are popular instrumental choices.

Tiree High School