Bun-Sgoil/ Primary

Primary P1 - 7
We aim to create an inclusive, nurturing and stimulating learning environment for all. We do this in the following ways:

  • By implementing Curriculum for Excellence and the values it encompasses
  • By providing the opportunity for children to learn in Gaelic and English
  • By enabling each child to develop to their full potential, being sensitive to individual needs and abilities
  • By working together to create a positive and supportive environment.


Mrs Lorna MacRae             PT Primary & P5-7 English Teacher
Mrs Judith MacIntosh         P1-4 English Teacher

Mrs Ishbel Campbell          P1 -7 Gaelic Teacher (part time)
Ms Rachel Ostridge           P1-7E (Supply/Part-time)

Mrs Julie MacKinnon         P5-7 English Teacher (part time)

Miss Eilidh Campbell         P1-4 Gaelic Teacher   

Miss Tara Rankin              P5-7 Gaelic Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Sheila MacKinnon
Mrs Janie MacPhail
Ms Frances Khetrat

Ms Jan Paterson