ELCC/Sgoil Araich

At the beginning of August 2017 the ELCC/Sgoil Araich moved into a purpose built area within Tiree High Schools Primary Department. The ELCC/Sgoil Araich has excellent resources, providing a safe, secure and rich environment for our children to learn in.

As part of the Early Learning Childcare Pilot the ELCC/Sgoil Araich is offering the following session choices for our children.

Session Details 2018/19
Morning Session (08:40 – 11:50 ) – English Medium with the promotion of Gaelic

All Day Session (08:40 – 14:40) – English Medium with the promotion of Gaelic until 12:10; then bi-lingual until 13:30 when the session becomes solely Gaelic.
Afternoon Session (12:10-15:20) – Bi-lingual until 13:30 then solely Gaelic.

Children aged 2-5 years attend the ELCC/Sgoil Araich. There are three experienced Key Workers in the unit: Mairi Munn, Johann MacLean and Fiona Armstrong.


Sing - A - Long Together
In the ELCC/Sgoil Araich the children learn a number of songs/nursery ryhmes. We have uploaded a selection of the ones the children will be learning this year so that the children can sing along to them at home and share their Gaelic songs/nursery rhymes with you.

 Tha mi Ruith Ars an Rabaid 

 Sùilean, Cluasan Sròn is Beul

 Cuibhilchean a'bhus  

 Dathan aig A' Bhogha Fhrois


 Brochon Lom  (Sgoilearan Thiriodh)

 Sùilean, Cluasan Sròn is  (Sgoilearan Thiriodh)  

 Mè mè a chaora dhubh  (Sgoilearan Thiriodh)

Priob-priob, priob, priob-priob, rionnag bheag  (Sgoilearan Thiriodh)