Enterprise Education

Enterprise in education is about taking an enterprising approach to teaching and learning. Enterprise encourages all young people to learn and develop in a way that meets their needs and develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

The opportunity for young people to:

  1. Develop enterprising attitudes and skills through learning and teaching across the whole curriculum
  2. Experience and develop understanding of the world of work in all its diversity, including entrepreneurial activity and self-employment
  3. Participate fully in enterprise activities, including those which are explicitly entrepreneurial in nature, and in which success is the result of “hands-on” participation
  4. Enjoy appropriately focussed career education

Enterprise Education students at Tiree High School participate in:

  • School Gala Day –September
  • Mock Interviews – S4 - March
  • Work Experience – S4 - June
  • Education and Industry Link Trip – S3 - June
  • Outward Bound Trip – S2 – June
  • Tiree Tour – S1 - June
  • Community Events organised by Senior Pupils – Quiz night/Music Evening/Fundraisers – November/February
  • Social Events Run by Seniors – Christmas Party - December
  • Enterprise units of work for S5 in HWB.
  • Community Christmas Post – Primary - December
  • Harvest Hampers – Primary - October
  • Primary Garden
  • Mountain Challenge – seniors – August
  • S1 induction days - June
  • S5/S6 Induction days – June
  • School Community Service – S6