Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures ELCC/Primary/Secondary

The school is required by law to maintain an accurate record of the attendance and absence of each pupil and parents/carers are requested to assist in this process by keeping the school informed if their child is to be absent for any reason.
It is important to note that if a child does not arrive at school/ELCC and there is no reasonable explanation provided for his/her absence, then members of staff will be required to ascertain the whereabouts and safety of the individual child. In order to avoid causing unnecessary concern for staff and parents/carers, the importance of good communication between home and school cannot be over-emphasised. 

Parents/carers are asked to assist school staff in the manner detailed below:
Unplanned Absence

When an unplanned absence occurs, parents/carers are expected to contact the school office before 09:10 (08:50 for ELCC children), on the the first and each subsequent day of absence giving an explanation for their child not attending school. (Children attending afternoon ELCC sessions should contact the school by 12:20)
The school office can be contacted in the following ways: 

By Telephone: 01879 220383 or 01879 220795
By Text: 07860030008
By Email:
or Via Messenger5/Xpressions App.

Please Note: Please do not use Class Dojo to notify the school of absences or lateness. 

If the school does not hear from the parents/carers by the times described above the school will then contact the parents/carers for an explanation of the child’s absence via Messenger5/Xpressions/SMS.

Planned Absence

If you know in advance that your child is likely to be absent, please inform the school as soon as possible via telephone, text, email, letter or Messenger5/Xpressions.  (E.g. Dentist/hospital appointment)
Late to School
Secondary Pupils: If a young person is late into school, they must sign in at the school office before going to class. 
Primary Pupils: If a primary pupil is late into school they or their parent/carer must inform the school office of their arrival. 
ELCC children: If you arrive late to your ELCC session with your child please report to the school office. Please inform the school office you are late to the ELCC session - the office will then arrange for a member of staff to escort you and your child to the ELCC and update the register where necessary.